The Coalition of Muslim Women of KW has long understood the need to document and fully track hate crimes, hate incidents and discrimination, and has laid strong foundations over the past ten years to ramp up this work. With many thanks to our funders and community partners, we are able to provide a reporting system to document incidents of hate and discrimination motivated by Islamophobia, Racism, and / or Xenophobia within Waterloo Region and surrounding areas.

Funded by the Government of Canada and Ontario Government, Hate Incidents and Discrimination Reporting and Documentation Project is a comprehensive reporting and support service for those who have experienced or witnessed hate incidents or discrimination due to Islamophobia, Racism and / or Xenophobia (anti-Immigrant sentiment).

Our goal is to document hate for racialized communities so that we understand the problem effectively. This data will track hate and help inform where it is happening, who is being impacted etc. Evidence based data will lead to better strategies to counter Islamophobia, Racism and Xenophobia in Waterloo region.

In addition to documenting hate, we also offer:

  1. Support for victims
  2. Public education on hate incidents, hate crimes, discrimination, and Islamophobia

Our Partners:

Centre for Community Research, Learning and Action (CCRLA)

Community Justice Initiatives

Family and Children’s Services of Waterloo Region

Heart Beats Hate

qcollaborative (University of Waterloo)

Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council

Waterloo Region District School Board

Waterloo Region Police Services