Sulah, a partnership between Community Justice Initiatives and the Coalition of Muslim Women of KW, provides a restorative justice response to incidents or conflict involving Islamophobia, anti-immigrant sentiment or racism. Sulah is built on the groundbreaking work of the Coalition of Muslim Women of KW (CMW) that started in 2012 as a pro-active response to the experiences of Islamophobic hate incidents shared by CMW members and volunteers. Read more about CMW’s work on Islamophobia and Hate Crimes

What is Restorative justice?

Restorative justice (RJ) presents an alternative to the mainstream approach.  It focuses on creating understanding, building accountability and restoring relationships. RJ uses dialogue as a mechanism to resolve conflicts and address harm. Read more about Restorative Justice

What should you expect?

Prior to meeting directly with each other, the people involved will have an opportunity to share their perspectives in detail with our facilitators.  A meeting between those involved will take place only after careful deliberation of everyone’s needs and the potential benefits of gathering together.

Why choose Sulah?

Sulah allows participants to feel heard in a direct way and to be involved in developing the outcome.  A Sulah process is flexible to suit the needs of the participants.

Another tool offered by Sulah is a Community Dialogue Circle. This type of discussion Circle can be offered to communities at risk of conflict.

To learn more about our services please contact:

Jill Magazine, 519-744-6549

Mifrah Abid, 519-576-0540 ext.3593