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There’s more to our services than just reporting.

How does this work?

  1. You can report through Whatsapp, by calling, text/SMS, and email.

  2. You can report for yourself, as a witness/bystander, on behalf of someone.

  3. You can report in languages OTHER than English. (Arabic, Urdu, Punjabi, Tigrinya, etc.)

  4. Ask for supports if you need them.

We Can Help


If you are a victim of racism, Islamophobia or xenophobia (anti-immigrant sentiment), we provide One-On-One Supports to help you and your family.


One on One Support

Here is what else we can do for you:

  • Provide mental health support in the form of culturally appropriate counseling

  • Give you assistance in reporting/filing cases with the right authorities

  • Help you understand and work through government systems

  • Connect you with mediators for sulah/restorative justice/mediation

  • Set up access to free legal support

  • Advocate for you with individuals, policymakers, schools, school boards, landlords, service providers, hospitals and clinics, etc.

  • Deliver community education sessions on hate, discrimination, racism, etc., and how to report it

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Public Education Sessions

CMW’s Anti-hate services coordinator provides free public education sessions to various communities and organizations on the types of hate and discrimination and information on how to report hate and seek support.




To book a free 45-minute information and education session, contact Maryam Farooque at [email protected].




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